What Is Task Management Software?: 17 Top Task Management Software To Try In 2024

Task management software is becoming one of the essential tools for many workspaces. Whether you are an individual or a team, task management systems or software have plenty of benefits for your projects.

Today, most teams are shifting towards remote work and trying to improve their productivity and collaboration. As a result, online task management is becoming vital in current times. 

However, many people get confused between task management and project management software and fail to decide which one they need. So, keep reading if you also need to learn more about task management systems, as here we will discuss task management software and the benefits of using a task manager. Also, we will share a list of top task-managing systems that can help you to work faster.

What is task management software? 

Before we discuss the benefits of using a task manager or the best task management software, we must learn what it is. A task management system or software is a platform that allows professionals and teams to manage their day-to-day operations. This kind of software is responsible for preparing to-do lists, scheduling and assigning tasks, organizing various operations, tracking time, and reporting progress.

Benefits of using task management software

Task management systems are essential for both individuals and teams to maintain regular workflow. Here we will discuss the benefits of using task management programs.

  • Streamline workflow– One of the popular benefits of using a task management program is it helps to streamline workflow. It allows teams and individuals to record, assign, and organize work procedures. 
  • Enhance collaboration efficiency – Another essential benefit of task managers is that they help to enhance collaboration efficiency or outcomes. It enables your entire team to work on a single platform and efficiently communicate and collaborate for work.
  • Increase productivity – The best part of using task management programs is that they boost productivity. Task management programs streamline workflow, reduce bottleneck and inefficiency-related troubles, and enhances collaboration efficiency. As a result, it increases work productivity. 

17 Best task management software

Task management programs have various benefits that help you to work faster and become more productive. However, new task management software comes into the market every day, making it challenging to identify the best solution. Therefore, we will discuss 17 top task management programs you must try in 2024 below.

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1. Todoist

Todoist is a partially free task management software that helps many improve workability and boost productivity. It has a classic design with a no-frills (hassle-free) user interface. Todoist works similarly to Swift’s To-Do list. The software was focused on individual needs and lately began to serve the teams. Also, it requires multiple improvements to become ideal for groups or teams. It offers users subtasks, recurring dates, and priorities and is available in both Android and iOS versions. 

Package: free or 5$ per month. 

Download Todoist

2. Monday.com 

Monday.com is a high-level interactive and productive task management program that helps to streamline the workflow and boost team and individual performance. The software has a spreadsheet-like interface with various additional features that make organizing and assigning multiple tasks easier. Monday.com won the 2019 Webby Awards, being the best productivity platform. The software has numerous helpful features like task scheduling, project management, resource management, file sharing, API, calendar management, third-party plugins, email integration, etc. 

Package: free trial for 4 months, 8$ per person/month. 

Download Monday

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is another essential task management program that you can try to improve your productivity. It can work for anyone, whether you are an individual contributor, team manager, or project head.

It offers a wide variety of viewing options along with various essential features. Some of the most common features of ClickUp are reminders, priorities, recurring tasks, task management, notepad, third-party plugins, and integrations. Many leading businesses, like IBM, Netflix, Spotify, etc., also use it. 

Package: free lifetime

  • Unlimited – 5$ per month
  • Business – 12$ per month
  • Business plus – 19$ per month
  • Enterprise – Quote on demand. 

Download ClickUp

4. Hubspot Task Management

Hubspot Task Management System is compatible with various types of users, from Individuals to groups or teams. It include a complete CRM suite and goals to help you move through the sales pipeline and improve your sales.

With this, you can automate your workflow by scheduling new tasks after finishing the ongoing task, evaluating performance with past data, setting reminders, and so on. It also offers plugins that cover various essential applications. 

Package: free or 4$ per month for premium. 

Download Hubspot

5. Wrike 

Another award-winning and highly- effective task management software focuses on teamwork management. The software has a user-friendly interface allowing users to quickly move from Gantt charts to Kanban boards or workload view and efficiently manage a team and assign tasks on the go. Wrike can incorporate members from five to limitless members on various projects.

Some of the primary features of Wrike software include project management, task assigning, tracking, API, reporting, integration, budgeting, etc.

Package: free or 9.80$ per user each month. 

Download Wrike

6. Smartsheet 

Smartsheet is an award-winning task management software that has recently become one of the most popular businesses. The software has a similar look to a spreadsheet but includes various features that make task management simple and easy.

Anyone comfortable with spreadsheets or Excel sheets can easily adapt to Smartsheet. However, unlike spreadsheets, it can automatically calculate across sheets for you and offer a seamlessly easy task management experience. It also allows you to choose color schemes for various projects and add customized logos. 

Package: 30-day free trial and 7$ for each user per month. 

Download Smartsheet

7. Proofhub 

Proofhub is one of the premium task management software comprising all the essential features one needs to complete control over the project and team. The software includes Gantt charts, an online proofing tool, a to-do list, Kanban boards, an in-built chat app, file sharing, reporting, space for real-time collaboration, etc. Proofhub also has a unique third-party application integration capacity covering all essential apps like Outlook, Google Drive, Zoom Meeting, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. However, the program lacks custom notification and can become bothersome at times. 

Package: 89$ per month for unlimited users.

Download ProofHub

8. beSlick

beSlick is an ideal task management software for mid to small-scale businesses. It has some powerful template features that help to create an outstanding workflow builder to support tasks such as loops, decision branching, data and file capture, and dependent due dates.

In addition, all template of this software is centralized in an easy-to-navigate folder. Also, users can create templates using workflow builder. Some of the main features of beSlick include reminders and alerts, Audit & optimization, progress tracking, workflow management, etc.

Package: 14 days free trial and 10$ per user/month.

download beslick

9. Any.do

Any.do is a unique combination of task management and a To-Do list application. It labels your tasks as today, tomorrow, and upcoming event so you can easily track and review your task and know what you need to complete. Any.do has an intuitive calendar that helps you align your tasks with different events. It can also help you organize your tasks, and you can easily filter out your workflow by category or due date. 

Package: free or 2.99$ per month.

Download Any.do

10. Plutio

Plutio is a business management software that can be used as task management software. Individuals, teams, and small to large businesses can use this platform for easy task management and collaboration. It offers excellent task management features like a to-do list, time tracking, Gannt view, Kanban boards, a calendar, team chat, and comments.

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 Plutio’s other interesting features include a dashboard, proposals, e-signing, invoicing, and contracts. You can use this software to automate and streamline your processes.

Package: Free seven-day trial, with charges starting at $19 per month.

download plutio

11. Trello

Trello is one of the largest Kanban task management platforms, and its high-tech Kanban boards are the main attraction for users. Trello’s Kanban interface is customizable, which helps users to set up cards for multiple projects. The software offers features like boards, checklists, cards, and attachments. It is also compatible with both iOS and Android. 

But you must upgrade to the premium version to use Trello in complex projects. Upgradation unlocks features like public-private boards, better team collaboration, seamless integrations, and other onboarding support.

Package: Starts free, and the premium version charges $17.50 monthly.

download Trello

12. Things

Things are one of the best task management software that professionals prefer. The platform is excellent for project management as here, you can set up a core focus for every day and track the progress. Sections like comments, tasks, and sub-tasks help manage tasks and track progress. Its features include checklists, section headings, calendar events, and morning, afternoon, and evening slots. 

However, this software is only accessible with iOS and Mac, and a free trial exists.

Package: Pay one time with $49.99.

download things

13. Quire

Quire is a popular free task management software. It helps its users focus on the most crucial tasks by breaking online task management into small and individual components. The software uses ‘nesting’ and Kanban boards to break down tasks.

It nests tasks within cards on Kanban boards so that you can record your next steps for a specific job within a card. Quire’s robust filtering system helps to identify and focus on crucial tasks. It also offers features like a calendar and progress report. However, the platform does not have any in-built chat feature.

Package: Free

download quire

14. Basecamp

Basecamp Personal is a free task management software solution by Basecamp. It offers 3 projects with 20 members and 1GB of storage, ideal for individuals, school students, and freelancers. However, startups and technical teams can upgrade to the primary Basecamp solution to access other essential tools like calendars, file storage, documents, to-do list, real-time chat, etc. It also offers tons of third-party app integration for smooth task management.

Package:  Basecamp personal – free lifetime

Basecamp Professional – 99$ per month. 

download basecamp

15. Chanty 

Chanty is also a free-for-life task management software if you have a team of 10 or fewer members. It is also a great task management system that uses a chat-first model to build an effective task management program. With this software, users can easily convert any message into a task, allocate them to a suitable team member, and set a due date for the task. It also helps you switch to Kanban boards to improve productivity. 

Package: free for life for 10 members and 3$ per month for each member (after crossing 10). 

download chanty

16. Kintone 

Kintone is a daily planner and customizable task management solution. More than 23,000 organizations worldwide, including Japan Airlines, Volvo Trucks North America, and Shiseido, use Kintone for regular task management.

It is a feature-rich platform with project management, resource management, analytics, conversion tracking, sales pipeline management, etc. Kintone also integrates essential third-party applications like OneDrive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.

Package: 30 days free trial or 24$ for each user per month. 

17. Height

Height is a cloud-based task management program ideal for cross-functional and complex tasks. The Kanban board is the key feature of this software solution. It enables you to visualize your project progress and track tasks. It also allows time tracking to track your project in real-time and create aureate reports. Height includes multiple third-party integrations like GitHub, Fivetran, Reset API, etc. 

Package: 30-day free trial or 8.50$ per member/month.


Task management software solutions are no wonder essential for the modern workspace. This software solution brings flexibility to work and enables users to work and collaborate with a team from anywhere and anytime. Also, the growing need for flexible work environments, remote working, and global collaboration makes task management programs inevitable for both individual and team projects.

However, plenty of software solutions are available in the market, and the numbers are increasing with time, making it challenging to find the right solution for your projects. Above, we have covered what is a task management system and its primary benefits. We have also shared a list of the best task management software solutions that you can try to work faster and better in 2024.