Exclusive Features of YouTube2MP3 Converter

YouTube2MP3 is a free, web-based application that lets you convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 audio files.

The converter has an easy user interface and a 3-step process that makes it easy to convert your favorite YouTube videos into MP3s. The converter also allows users to edit their downloads to ensure they get exactly what they want and need while still maintaining quality.

However, downloading videos through this app is against YouTube’s terms of service. You can’t convert the videos to MP3 unless you own the video. This means that if you download YouTube2MP3 without acknowledging the original video content, it will be illegal for you to use it for any purpose other than personal use.

If you want to use it for commercial purposes, then make sure that the owner of the video reserves all rights. Also, If you’re going to use this app for downloading copyrighted content, then make sure that your country doesn’t have any anti-piracy laws or penalties for doing so.

If you are thinking of using the converter, then check out the following exclusive features that it comes with: 

1. A Free to Access Online Converter

Are you looking for an online converter that does not require a paid subscription? YouTube2MP3 is the best alternative. It allows users to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 without subscription fees or costs. 

You can access this app without any monthly/yearly subscription fee. Signing up or creating an account on other sites is not required when using YouTube2MP3. Simply open the app and share the video link to convert it into a song.

2. Simple Design

We know you’re busy. And we also know that you don’t have time to spend hours trying to find out how to convert a video to an MP3 or M4A file. We’re here to help!

YouTube2MP3 is the easiest way to convert any video into an MP3 or M4A file for listening pleasure. Just copy the URL of your favorite music video, copy it into this app, and press “Convert Now.” That’s it! You can even download the file straight from the app if you want.

3. Advanced File System Search

The YouTube2MP3 software is an app that allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP3s. This can be done with the AI-powered search function to find videos based on your search term.

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You can also look for videos in a specific category or by searching for your favorite artist’s name. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, press the Enter button, and YouTube2MP3 will give you quick results!

Additionally, if you’ve recently converted a video, it will appear as a recent conversion in this app. Selecting any previously converted videos from the menu can also be seen.

4. Safe to Use

When looking for a converter app, you want to ensure it’s safe and secure. So, when it comes to YouTube2MP3, you don’t have to worry about malware or other security issues. The developers have integrated compelling security features that prevent malware attacks. So, use this converter without installing any antivirus software!

5. Fast Download Speed

Downloading YouTube videos is easy with YouTube2MP3. It can convert online video to MP3 within a few seconds. The time it takes is dependent on your internet speed, but this converter is super fast, regardless of that. You’ll have to make sure you’re downloading the proper format for your device first.

How to Use the YouTube2MP3 Converter?

First, open up the YouTube website in one tab and the converter in another tab. Next, search for the YouTube video you want to convert to MP3. Then, head to the URL bar and press the Ctrl + A keys together. This will highlight the text on both pages so you can copy it easily.

Next, access the converter’s page and press the Ctrl + V keys together while holding down these same keys. This will paste your search results into the converter’s search bar so that it knows what YouTube video link you want to download as an MP3 file.

Tap on “Download” when prompted after entering the correct YouTube video link. It may take at least 3-4 minutes for your conversion process to complete! Then, select “Play” when prompted to listen to your new MP3 file!

10 Best Alternatives to YouTube2MP3 Converter

For downloading long YouTube videos to MP3, there are no other apps better than YouTube2Mp3. But if you only want to convert long videos, like 1-hour-long videos, you have to search for alternatives. So, to help you, we have curated the list of the best alternatives to YouTube2MP3 Converter, which are:

1. VidToMp3

VidToMp3 is an online video converter that converts YouTube videos to MP3 audio. It’s the fastest, most straightforward way to get the best quality sound from your favorite YouTube videos. VidToMp3 has a streamlined interface that makes it easy to use, even for first-time users. You don’t have to sign up or register—simply enter a YouTube URL, and VidToMp3 will do all the work for you!

Try VidToMp3

2. ClipConverter

Clip Converter is a free media conversion application which you can use to record and convert videos from nearly any online service to your desktop or mobile device. This includes YouTube and Facebook, as well as many others.

Try ClipConverter

3. iTubeGo

If you desire to listen to music without paying for it or are worried about copyright issues, this online downloader is perfect! Unlike other tools that require registration and subscription fees, this one is free. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your favorite song into the search box and start downloading!

Try iTubeGo

4. OnlineVideoConverter

Do you want to convert audio files into different formats? Then OnlineVideoConverter is the tool for you. It’s a mobile-friendly app that converts audio files into various formats. And it’s compatible with the latest browsers.

Try OnlineVideoConverter

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5. AudioTube

Looking for a reliable video converter? With AudioTube, you can be sure that your videos are always converted correctly and quickly.

6. AnyThing2MP3

AnyThing2MP3.com can convert video and sound from any video and sound-sharing site to multiple formats. The most impressive feature of AnyThing2MP3.com is that it also supports SoundCloud.

Try Anything2MP3

7. MP3Fiber

iMP3Fiber.com is a one-stop solution for converting YouTube videos to MP3s. With its simple and intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily convert your videos to the format of your choice.

Try Mp3Fiber

8. Mp3 Converter

This YouTube to MP3 converter permits you to convert and download your favorite YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, F4V, and 3GP formats. A fast and direct converter is possible with many other video sites, including Facebook.

9. 2conv

2conv.com is an easy-to-use and powerful YouTube video downloader that converts your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 format. With its simple interface and features, you can easily convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 in just a few steps.

Try 2conv

10. YTBmp3

With YTBmp3, you can play and download any video from YouTube on your PC or cell phone without any time limits. You can also download the MP3 music of your favorite artists in just a few clicks.

Try YTBmp3


To conclude, YouTube2MP3 is one of the best YouTube-music downloaders we’ve tested. It works like a charm and is so simple that even non-computer users will be able to use it. But if you face any issues with the converter, then feel free to choose any of the alternatives we mentioned.