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Our website is mainly meant for writers who want to give a new look to their articles. It is a perfect platform for writers or bloggers who want to make a better career in writing.

If they want, they can also show their talents through guest posts and reveal their expertise in their relevant fields. It is through the writings that people will learn and acquire more information on the topics.

This will make them confident about the work. Apart from this, the main purpose of our site is to provide and furnish the writers with all types of accurate information on the topics and relevant subjects. You must know that technology and its relevant subjects are always changing. They are always changing with time.

It is primarily dependent on the latest innovations and technological developments. Both the techies and non-techies are ready to go through all the latest developments and innovations that can keep them updated with time.

If you are now confident that you can provide our site with your best writings, you can get in touch with us. We welcome you abroad and become a part of our journey. You can stay in touch with us through our official mailing address.

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‘Technology Write For Us – Guest Post Guidelines

A few guidelines that guest authors should understand.

  • The article length should be 1200+ words.
  • Make Sure the post Title should be Attractive and less than 60 characters.
  • focus on uniqueness, quality, grammar, and sentences
  • Kindly use H1, H2, H3, H4, and other appropriate headings
  • In order to make the content easier to understand, it is necessary to use high-quality images and videos if necessary
  • We will own the copyrights for your article and will be able to modify or change it.
  • Add at least two internal links
  • We do not allow any affiliate or promotional links.
  • Make sure the article topic is relevant to our niche

You must try to meet all our guidelines that will be mentioned above.

For this purpose, you may either contact us through our contact page or you may email us.